Google To Penalize “Teaser Content” on AMP Pages

Starting on February 1, 2018, Google will start penalizing any AMP pages that show a teaser or partial content, with a link to see the full content on the main non-AMP page. What does this mean? Any AMP pages that are not content parity with their canonical non-AMP page will not be able to rank in the top stories section of Google search.
AMP was introduced to improve the performance of the mobile web and to deliver a fast, consistent content experience. However, Google explains that they have seen AMP being used, in some limited contexts, on “teaser pages” that offer only limited content, which gives readers a poor experience.
Ashish Mehta, product manager at Google explains, “The pages will not be considered for Search features that require AMP, such as the Top Stories carousel with AMP,” he continues, “Additionally, we will notify the webmaster via Search console as a manual action message and give the publisher the opportunity to fix the issue before its AMP page can be served again.”
By doing this, Google hopes it will help improve user experience and protect the integrity of the AMP initiative. For more information about SEO news, please feel free to check out our blog.

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