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Google To Penalize Misleading Mobile Traffic Networks

While redirects to your mobile site may be unintentional, we were warned in October by Google webmasters against using these sneaky mobile redirects. Google sees this redirect as being deceptive to users and potentially hurting their overall mobile experience.

Since this warning last month, a Google Search Quality Senior Strategist has mentioned during a Google Hangout that his team is working on this issue further. They are doing their best to detect and take action on any mobile sites that bounce users from one site to the next. Google is in business to deliver the most accurate search queries possible. Redirecting to a site may decrease the user experience but it may also be used to deliver different content than what the original linked page has.

Some publishers may be adding these networks on purpose to make some extra cash, but there are others that are unaware of what they are doing. While this is almost identical to the warning delivered late in October, here we have someone from the inside telling us that Google is actively working on this.

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