Google to highlight unsecured websites in Chrome

Do you run a website that is hosted on a non-secure server? You can tell if you do by looking at the URL of your website. Does it display HTTP or HTTPS? You can tell your site is considered non -secure by search engines if your URL starts with HTTP. Increasingly Google and other search engines are using site security as a ranking factor. Having an HTTPS enabled server can help with your search rankings if your competitors are currently hosted on an HTTP server.

Additionally, Google announced earlier last week that it will start displaying weather or not your site is secure in its URL section of Google Chrome Browsers.  This will discourage its users from visiting your website if they see your site is not secure.

Google has even come out and said they strongly suggest every website to become hosted on an HTTPS website sooner rather than later. With website hacks and personal information being stolen online at a higher rate than ever, search engines are going to be doing their best to make sure they are suggesting websites to their users that are secure.

How to make your site secure

To make your site go from HTTP to HTTPS you need to install a SSL certificate. SSL stands for “Secure Sockets Layer”, and it essentially adds small date files that digitally bind a cryptographic key to an organizations details.

There are many companies that now offer SSL certificates resulting in reduced costs from previous times.

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