Google to Highlight the Best Reviewed Places to Eat and Drink

On Thursday, August 4, 2016 Google announced a change to its search results that is designed to help users find the best restaurants and bars, based off of reputable critics and publishers.

With this change, now when a user searches for a kind of restaurant, e.g. “thai restaurant”, they are given what Google predicts to be the best results based on critic reviews and best-of lists from reputable publishers. Google is using critic reviews from reliable sources, including Zagat and Michelin, and also provides links to the best-of lists used to generate results as well.

Customer reviews are an extremely informative way to learn about a business before you even step foot inside. Online customer reviews, such as those on Google+, can potentially affect a business’ search rankings. With this Google update, the search engine is taking reviews directly from online sources, so it is even more important for businesses to monitor their reviews.

Another feature that is available at select locations is indicating length of time people usually stay for. With this information, users are now able to plan their meal based on the amount of time they have available.

This feature is live on U.S. mobile search results using the Google app.

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