Google to Address Lower CTR results on implemented AMP on SERP

Earlier this week,  Google announced that AMP  would be introduced to Google’s organic SERP.  Google’s goal for AMP  in SERP serves a purpose to improve a mobile user’s experience by Amping up pages that are slow and require very little network power to load. The AMP pages were supposed to complement the mobile friendly algorithm change that was also announced a month ago. AMP pages are accelerated mobile pages that are easier for mobile users to access.  Although the purpose was to provide efficiency, some may be experiencing less CTR traffic due to Amp that was implemented this week.

The inferred reasoning? People are not aware what AMP is or what it is for. This is what survey poll results showed when 44 people were asked if they were more likely to click on mobile friendly results or AMP results. Out of the total of 44 people that participated only 3 responded that they would click on AMP page results, 12 people responded saying it doesn’t really matter, and 29 people preferred mobile friendly pages. With these results circulating, it has definitely received  attention from its team at Google who are collecting data surrounding AMP pages and are currently working on a better way to educate its users on what benefits AMP pages offer.



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