Google to Add Wait Times on Search Results

Popular Times Feature

Google announced that it will recently be adding restaurant wait times to the local search results. Google plans to build off of its current popular times feature. This existing feature shows users how busy/not busy a place may be at a certain time. It can allow customers to plan the best time to visit. Last year, Google took the popular times feature a step forward by calculating the attendance of the restaurant or shop in real time!

No More Waiting

Now, Google plans to roll out the wait time feature as an add-on to the favored existing popular times feature. When users click on the listing of a local bar or restaurant and scroll down to the popular times section, they will also be able to see the wait time for that specific place as well. Users will be able to see popular times, wait times, and duration of visits, all in one:

Google plans to implement this add-on within the coming days, so be sure to look out for it when planning a night out. Google says the feature will be available within the listing for both mobile and desktop. This is an exciting add-on for users because it allows them to plan their visits around the wait time. Never be blindsided by a huge wait again!

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