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Google Tests Reviews in Local 3-Pack

Google has been caught testing single reviews and the Google local 3 pack. According to Peter Meyers from Moz, Google is now testing displaying review snippets in the local 3-pack in search results.

Google shows 3 local results in the main search result section which is commonly known as Googles local 3-pack. This was updated back in August, moving from showing 7 local results to now only 3.

In the past, along with these local results, Google can decide to show review stars. But now it is being reported that Google will pull a single quote from one of the reviews to show in the local 3 search results. These reviews will appear as an additional line of text alongside the current star ratings.

This was reported by Peter Meyer who with adding a screen grab on Twitter called these snippets “mini reviews in local pack”. Although these reviews are only being testing in the preliminary stages currently, it is interesting to see how Google decides which review to show.

It appears the reviews are being pulled at random, Google is not picking reviews based on who has a complete profile or who has left Google reviews for different businesses, or who is considered a “local guide”. Rather, Google could display a review from someone who has only left a few reviews in their lifetime.

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