Google Tests New AdWords Feature

Google has been testing out a new AdWords feature in the Opportunities tab that shows an overall health score for search campaigns and a checklist of opportunities. Now advertisers can see an Account Health Score for Search in their AdWord accounts which is similar to WordStream’s AdWord Grader giving you an overall score and a detailed assessment. Check the health scores of each of your campaigns by clicking on the View Campaigns button which will show your score in the campaign overview as well as links to recommendations.

Google AdWords Health Score Feature

Estimated lifts from taking further action at the campaign level will be shown after clicking on a specific campaign. Some further actions that Google has listed for you take are opting for search partners or fixing a limited budget, and checking completed items such as adding call extensions, using conversion tracking, and using a mobile friendly site.

google adwords opportunities tab new feature

Google is happy with how the new Opportunities tab is helpful to their users and advertisers and is always testing out new features. Learn how to start your AdWords campaign right or Google AdWords other features!

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