Google Testing Thumbnail Image Versions in Search Results

Google has been displaying thumbnails in search results for a good number of years. Over the past couple of months, we’ve noticed Google testing new things with thumbnails on desktop searches with product image thumbnails, and now thumbnails in Google suggest dropdown. 

It is not entirely clear what could actually happen; However, Google is clearly testing out different search contexts to help our search queries better, which is essential if we are finding ways to have our business shown in the search results.

History of Thumbnails

Google has been rolling out thumbnails since 2016, but they appeared infrequently, stats in 2019, showed a significant increase of over 49% of mobile search results that displays an image thumbnail, but not all. There have been many cases of searches not seeing any image thumbnail displaying on their webpages. This is an ongoing issue, and the only thing we can do is make sure we have implemented everything we can to optimize our site. 

Product Photo Thumbnails 

Andrew on Twitter took a screenshot of his search query on desktop. Is this something we are more likely to see in the future when it comes to transactional queries? We’ve tried different ways on multiple browsers and came out short with our findings, but we will keep an eye out for sure!

Thumbnails in the Google Dropdown 

The other version of thumbnail Google is testing is the suggest dropdown. Like Google News, thumbnails are shaped images on the left side that display a relevant picture to match the related topic search. 

This should include:

Google is continuously testing changes in the search results, and it’s no surprise that not many of us will be able to see it (believe us we’ve tried.) The interesting part is how this could relate to us, and what can we do to ensure we are prepared for a potential new update and get ahead of our competitors. If you’re experiencing a drop in your search results and looking to get back on track, consider speaking to the team at Boston Web Marketing. We will audit your website for free and deliver measurable results on what we can do to improve your online visibility. Call 857.526.0096 to learn more!  

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