Google Testing New Shopping Experience For Apparel & Home Products

Google is revamping the mobile search experience with a new format that is called “Shop The Look”. This new format is designed to show for broad search terms in regards to home and apparel searches. Searches such ass “cocktail attire”, “wedding attire”, etc. are a few examples of the broad search terms this format will appear for. The “looks” that will appear will be pooled in from a number of partners such as Curalate and Polyvore. Users can browse through different outfits from these different partners and choose which one suits them more. Once the outfit is clicked on, the user will see product listing ads with the exact products in that outfit from the new format or similar products. These products will have a “featured” label on them if they were used in the Shop The Look format photo.

Shop the Look ads google adwords

The product listing ads are powered by Shopping campaigns the same way for other product ad formats. These product listings also have attributes in a seller’s product feed which is matched to search queries. If you are a seller interested in this new shopping experience format, you must have your Shopping campaign optimized for mobile. Seller’s will not be charged if a user clicks on their Shop The Look ad but will be charged if a user clicks on product listing after clicking on the desired outfit.



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