Google Testing Google My Business Dashboard

Google is testing  a new way for business owners to update their Google My Business profile. When owners are logged into their account and perform a Google search on their business, a mini dashboard will appear in the search results. This mini dashboard will be highlighted in blue and will give owners the ability to update certain information on the Google My Business profile without them having to go into the My Business platform. From this dashboard, owners can update their information, add photos, read reviews, as well as see their business insights.
After you click on the “edit info” in the dashboard, the information on your profile to the right goes into edit form. Although this edit mode in the profile is not entirely new, the fact you can edit using this new dashboard shows the importance Google has for business profiles. It seems that Google wants to have business owners keep their profile updated with fresh data as much as possible. Which makes sense for the new dashboard feature. For right now Google is still testing this feature out and is only available to some businesses but should be completely rolling out soon.

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