Google Testing Expansion of Shopping Ads on YouTube

Is Google testing an expansion of shopping ads on YouTube? According to Search Engine Land, this could be something to keep your eye on in the coming weeks.

Google began showing shopping campaign ads alongside YouTube videos back in May of 2015. At first, they ran ads from brands & retailers alongside their own videos, eventually opening it up to all advertisers as part of the search partner’s network about a year ago. But it now appears Google may be testing a new format for Shopping Ads when it comes to YouTube.

It has been reported that a scrollable carousel will now replace the right-hand side ads on YouTube videos on a desktop. The carousel will show four relevant ads appearing just below a given video. For example, ads for soccer cleats may appear below a video of a highlight reel of a recent soccer game.

This change in format was reported by s360 in Denmark early this week. The s360 team says the ads are not showing for all users in Denmark and do not appear to have made it to the United States yet. Although it appears to be in the early stages of testing we expect to see these tests expand and begin to roll out worldwide over the coming weeks.

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