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Google Takes Action on Airline Pricing Websites

Websites are able to give Google details about their product, which can then be displayed as rich snippets within search results. Rich snippets allows you to attract buyers that are searching for items or products on Google. A way that websites utilize this, is by describing specific information about a product within code on the back end of that product page.

Airlines such as Expedia and TripAdvisors had their rich snippets taken down for misusing this structured data markup. What these sites were doing was incorporating this markup on a page which included various products. They added pricing markup stating a low price on a page with many other flights. This price markup should be on one flight page from Boston to New York and not a page with a variety of different flights. These pages were basically tricking users by providing a price that wasn’t representative to what was on the actual page.

For years, Google has taken manual action on rich snippet span. This latest action seems to have been made across the board within the airline travel industry.

Feel free to check out the video hangout. The specific question and answer surrounding this blog starts at the 47 second mark. For more information on rich snippets and how you can utilize them, read here.

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