Google Tag Manager Update- Preview Mode

Digital Marketers across the industry may have been confused or taken back when opening Google Tag Manager’s ‘Preview Mode’ last week. Google updated its free tag management tool that webmasters use to install google analytics & track specific clicks or actions. At Boston Web Marketing, we use Google Tag Manager daily, so we felt it necessary to write a blog on the update! Please continue reading to see some of our initial thoughts on the update!

Tag Managers Old Preview Mode

Google Tag Manager’s old preview mode was enabled on Tag Manager’s admin window when selected. When in ‘preview mode’, admins would then visit the site in the same browser to view the site accompanied by a large ‘debug pane’ that would take up part of the browser window, towards the bottom of the screen. The large window taking up space while trying to review a site would frustrate some SEO’s. The old preview mode would allow SEO’s to minimize the debug pane, but they would then lose the ability to view tags being fired in real-time. The new preview mode accounts for this! 

Tag Managers New Preview Mode

The new preview mode in Google Tag Manager is integrated with Google Tag Assistant, which we recommend all webmasters install. Google Tag Assistant is a free browser extension offered by Google.  

In the new Tag Manager, as you select an account, the admin page looks mostly the same. Once you choose preview mode, this is where you will see the most noticeable updates. As you open preview mode, a new window is opened, and you are asked to enter the URL of the site you are looking to preview. 

Tag Assistant then connects with the Domain, and you will see the items that use to exist in the old debug pane, now open in a new tab. This is where you will be able to see if your tags are firing. An advantage of having the debug pane open in a new tab is viewing the site & debug on separate windows or screens.

Install Google Tag Assistant

The update to Tag manager could be an effort from Google to encourage more users to download Google Tag Assistant. Here at Boston Web Marketing, we have our team install Tag Assistant as it provides easy to digest updates regarding the tags on your site with the click of a button while on the site.

The New Google Tag Manager

All in all, Google Tag Manager will work mostly the same, but with any new interface update, it will take some time to get used to. We are continuing to monitor industry resources, including Google itself, on additional rollouts and updates for Tag Manager. If your site needs to have its tags adjusted to ensure proper tracking, contact Boston Web Marketing today!

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