Google Tackles Hacked Spam

Google recently updated their search algorithm so that hacked spam would be purged from search results. Google is aggressively tackling hacked spam to protect users and webmasters.

The problem stems from legitimate sites that are being hacked and getting abuse from spammers after unknowingly downloading malware and endorsing traffic to low-quality websites such as pornographic sites or marketing counterfeit products like illegal pharmaceutical drugs. Any site is vulnerable including government sites, universities, restaurants, and small to large businesses. Web sites that are vulnerable can be hacked easily by cyber-criminals if website owners do not implement any type of security. This is due to spammers who specifically seek out sites with weak security so they can add malicious content to increase their own ranking and traffic on search engines.

The algorithmic changes will only affect about 5% of queries. Only the most pertinent results will be shown which reduces the number of results shown however, this is a result of the hacked spam being removed. Google explains that they are continuously working to update their algorithms so it can eliminate any of the bad content while preserving the organic results.

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