Google+ Strengths in SEO

In the grand scheme of the social media world, Google+ is still the underdog in terms of age as well as total users, but having the upper hand in its ability to dominate search results can put it ahead of the pack. Google+ was designed with this objective in mind, and when following various tips users can truly optimize themselves online and benefit far more than with other social platforms.

One way to achieve greater SEO success through Google+ is by Optimizing G+ Title Tags. The first sentence that you or your brand writes in a post is included in the title tag and will be the first thing a potential reader sees, so it is important to include the appropriate terms and words that related to your post and/or business and will also create interest.

Google+ also has the unique characteristic of Unlimited Editing Power. This is something that you should also utilize, as other social networks either have limited (Facebook) or no (Twitter) ability to alter a post once it is published. This quality becomes especially helpful and important should you create a post that goes viral: it allows you to update the post’s title tag to further increase exposure, include additional information (such as news about your company or a product that could increase customer interest), and even attach other media.

An additional quality of Google+, and one that is hugely valuable, is the rate at which you can Share New Content. It has been said that new URLs are crawled not long after the moment they are shared on Google+, making this platform the perfect avenue to provide content that links to your website, a specific product page, etc. Providing links is a standard SEO practice, but when doing so on Google+ you may create even more success as well as outreach.

While many people may use Google+ just for their own personal connections and friendships, there are also a great number of brands and companies who intend to use this platform for gaining a larger audience and, with any luck, more business. It is for this reason that one should be aware of Google+ and its unique ability to assist in the SEO process. What’s even better about this network and its benefits is the fact that each tip can be done quickly, easily, and shows outsiders that you are actively participating in the online community.

– Casey Guntlow

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