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Google showing more Ads in Mobile Search Queries.

Google has recently updated its mobile search listings by adding an additional search ad at the top of each search result. Now search queries are given three ad results instead of just two ad results.

The change to mobile search results is expected to impact the performance of paid search advertisements and mobile search traffic for companies who are investing in Adwords campaigns.

Google’s change to the mobile search listings does not seem to have any impact on the mobile product listing ads (PLA) that typically are displayed before ad results. Originally, Google implemented the PLA Carousel to entice users to make more purchases from their mobile devices during important shopping dates throughout the year.  But early findings are showing that the PLA Carousel is being omitted in place of the additional ad listing.

It is still unclear whether or not the change in mobile search listings will have an effect on organic search results on mobile devices, but there is speculation that organic search results will have a negative impact due to the additional listing taking up more space on the screen and pushing organic listings lower.

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