Google Ad Seasonality Adjustments are Now Available

This past May, Google announced that advertisers were going to be able to set seasonality adjustments to online campaigns depending on the season. This ability has officially gone live for Search and Display campaigns and is anticipated to be launched for Shopping ads later this year. Seasonal adjustments are going to be extremely beneficial for advertisers who are looking to drive sales at varying parts of the year without changing the entire budget month-to-month or quarter-to-quarter.

Benefits of Seasonal Adjustments

If you are utilizing smart campaigns, you may have noticed that the algorithm has already begun making changes based on upcoming holidays or seasonal changes into consideration to best meet your needs for the campaign, primarily where conversions are concerned. However, machine learning may not be able to respond as quickly as you need to these types of changes. By enabling this new feature, you will be able to fill in your anticipated peaks and dips, promotions, product launches, and other events in so that the bidding systems can better learn when to expect higher and lower conversion rates throughout the year, helping you hit your target cost-per-action within budget.

How to Set Up Seasonal Adjustments

From the Tools menu in your Google Ads dashboard, select the item Bid Strategies. Under Advance Controls, you will have the option to create new seasonal adjustments and turn them off and on. You will need to set start and end dates and active times when initially setting up the adjustment. If you would like the adjustment to only apply to certain campaigns or specific devices, you will need to manually select them. The new feature is defaulted to apply to all campaigns and devices. The final step before saving your changes is setting a conversion rate adjustment for the duration of your season. Whether your seasonal adjustment is a ramp-up to the holidays or a weekend-long sale, you’ll be able to adjust your online campaigns accordingly to boost sales, contact forms and phone calls to fit your needs.

Why Seasonal Adjustments are Effective

Smart bidding is effective for your campaigns in the long run but may take longer to adjust to your current circumstances due to the time it takes for algorithms to change. Seasonal scheduling and other minor manual adjustments will allow you to have more control over how your campaigns perform during short durations, preventing a loss of sales and conversions.

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