Google Search Ranking & Algorithm Update

In the last 48 hours, there has been a lot of SEO and webmaster gossip of a possible Google search algorithm and ranking update. So far, it is unclear whether or not it is related to specific algorithm changes or a possible change to how things rank due to user interface changes, but the answer will arrive soon.
There has been an ongoing discussion over at WebmasterWorld where you can read about what other people have discovered. However, all this is just speculation as Google has yet to make any sort of announcement with any update.
Here are some of the mentions from the forum threads:
“We had a horrific morning at 50% down, but it’s back to normal for the last hour.”
“Whatever they did but today we have a drop of 50% right now with bounce at 99%.”
“I’m more than 50%, closer to 75%!”
“Seeing two sets of results. One obviously better than the other.”
“bad set: traffic about 5% no user action, no transactions, bounce 100% good result: normal traffic, user action, bounce at 30%, normal sales”

Right now, we are keeping track with this potential update. If there is any further news with a possible algorithm change, be sure Boston Web Marketing will be the first to blog about it. Are you seeing any drops in your ranking or traffic? get in touch and reach out to us (857) 526-0096


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