Google Search Now Supports FAQ & How To Structured Data

While last year google announced structured data for FAQ and How To, the search engine giant has now announced new structured data that will bring these rich snippets to life in search results. This is a huge announcement as webmasters can now added schema markup code to these types of pages and posts on their websites to gain higher real estate on search results pages for these types of search queries. This will then lead to more traffic to a website while also potentially increasing the conversion rate of a website or businesses services as these rich snippets will lead searchers to your website.

How To Structured Data

The How-to structured data, when implemented correctly, will show searchers step-by-step information on how to accomplish specific tasks directly in the search results. This will make it easier for searchers to find the answers to their queries in stead of clicking on multiple links to get to the answer they desire. Google published how-to documentation to help developers correctly input this new schema markup code. It also includes other information to include in your markup that will help as well.


FAQ Structured Data

This structured data code is designed for FAQ pages on websites that provide a list of frequently asked questions and answers on particular topics. This is perfect for businesses that offer services that wish to inform their customers of common knowledge with the business and its services. This data will help Google show questions and answers directly on Google Search. Just like with the how to data, Google has provided documentation, found here, on how to properly implement this code on your website.

The great thing about this data is that it can also be used for Google Assistant. This means that businesses and forums can capture traffic from those that use voice search often. So you can essentially get more traffic from the web on desktops as well as increase your mobile traffic by marking up for Google Assistant.

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