Introducing Google Hire For Employment Opportunities

Looking to post a job opening for your company? Well Google’s new Job Search Service, “Google Hire”, may be the new way you find your future employees. This new service is a recruitment tool which allows employers to manage job applications, similar to LinkedIn. Job listings can be added by employers, allowing job-seekers to apply for them. Employers can then track applications and accept them right from Google Hire.


This service was introduced after Google acquired Bebop in 2015, a platform optimized for redesigning workplace tools to raise productivity and communication. Recent reports have suggested that Google Hire is influenced by Bebop and it’s founder Diane Greene, who now runs Google’s enterprise and cloud division.


Although Google Hire isn’t in full effect yet, there are many companies currently testing it for managing their hiring process. A few of these companies include Medisas, Poynt, DramaFever, SingleHop, CoreOS, Nanz, Touchlab, Calendly, Citizen Inc. and Pace Avenue.


Job-seekers can apply right on Google Hire by clicking on the “Apply” button. This will take them to a fairly standard web form where they will be asked to enter basic contact and personal information, along with a resume and a cover letter. The job openings on Google Hire are very diverse, from web marketing to engineering positions, there are plenty of opportunities for job-seekers.


Google is keeping very quiet about the project at this point, and although the link to Google Hire is live, it doesn’t seem to be in effect yet. Stay tuned for more information on Google Hire!

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