Google Search Console Update

Google announced today, Wednesday, June 26th, that they have made some adjustments within Google Search Console for marketers. These updates are intended at helping SEO’s and webmasters better understand how Google is indexing their website and specific pages on their site. Since the name of the game is to have your pages and site be indexed properly, we wanted to write a blog regarding the update and how to find this information!

Mobile-First Indexing

This update will help marketers see when your site has switched to mobile first indexing. Mobile first indexing is Google ranking your site based off its mobile friendless in addition to its overall SEO. The reason Google is indexing site optimized for Mobile is due to current user trends. It is reported that over 60% of search traffic now comes from mobile devices which makes sense as everyone is connected via a smartphone. While the desktop version of the site remains important, if users can’t view your site on mobile this will impact its rankings on desktop as well.

If it is the first time you are logging in to search console in a little bit, there may be a notification in the bottom right-hand corner letting you know when the switch occurred. You can click on more info as well which will take you to an in-depth Google Webmasters blog on the subject.

Crawling issues

If you have ever been into Google Search Console, you may have seen an tab in the left hand column called ‘crawling’ issues. This function allows webmasters to understand if edits made to pages have impacted how a page is being indexed/crawled by Google. Since this update tells marketers when the site switched from desktop to mobile first, this will help pinpoint what the issue is and if it is a mobile issue or not.

Primary Googlebot Crawler

This update shows admins, SEO’s, and marketers which “googleBot” is crawling your site. This information is found in the panel setting. Additionally, if you select the coverage tab on the left of the page, you will see in the top right corner the primary crawler.

Boston Web Marketing: Staying up to date on Google Search Console

Boston Web Marketing stays up to date with current updates and trends within Google Search Console and review this tool for all our clients. Search console provides invaluable data regarding how Google interacts with your site. If you need your website analyzed by experts, give us a call today!

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