Google Search Console to Send Notices for Slow Loading Pages

Google released a speed update with a purpose to push webmasters to focus more on how fast a website and a page of a website loads. As more people are using mobile devices, the information they are looking for is expected to load almost instantly or else searchers will look elsewhere. To help with this push, Google released several helpful tools that not only tell you how fast your page loads, but also how to improve the page in question.

Google has taken another step further to help webmasters tackle page speed issues through their Search Console platform. Webmasters with verified properties in Google Search Console will now be getting email message alerts, just as if there was a manual action, informing them of pages on their website that load really slowly. Just like with the speed tools, these messages will point out how specific pages are loading slowly. The message has each factor hyperlinked to learn more information about each variable. In addition to showing how the page is loading slow, these messages will also highlight the best way to resolve the slow page loading issue for the page in question.  Below is a screengrab of what the message will look like by webmaster Oliver H.G. Mason.

screenshot of google search console page speed email message

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