Google Search Console To Send Alerts for Big Traffic & Ranking Drops

Google has added a new alert to webmasters through Google Search Engine Console that notifies when there is a “substantial drop” in clicks to your website from Google search results. Google will be looking at week-over-week data in the Performance report within Search Console. If the data seems to be off by a wide margin then Google will send a notification to owners about this change. When a notification is sent, it will highlight an overall percentage of drops in weekly clicks for a certain query. It then further breaks down the overall percentage by showing how much of it was site clicks and query clicks.

Why It Matters?

For site owners that do not look at analytics or Search Console often, these alerts will serve as a reminder for them to check their site and help owners realize changes in their website’s performance. These alerts can help webmasters find issues and address them sooner rather than later. For why your website saw a decrease, the most obvious reason would be that your web page that ranked in a certain position in Google no longer ranks in that position. There could also be a fluctuation if there are searches that are no longer trending the week after it was popular, this would be more for news-related searches. For non-news related searches, seeing this alert could be a warning that there may be a technical issue with a page on your website.

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