Google Search Console to Notify Fewer People of Typical Webmaster Notification

Gary Illyes of the Google Webmaster Trends Analyst Team announced yesterday that the Google Search Console, formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools, will change how they send messages and to whom the messages will be sent. The change will only impact the average type of message and not how Google sends notifications to webmasters or more severe notifications such as a site being hacked. After the changes are implemented, Google will only send messages to the direct owner of the particular site and not the property owner.

Gary Illyes provided a great example to help users understand which sites will receive a message and which sites will not:

Currently, if the site triggers a message, all of the following sites will be sent the following message: (the site triggering the message)

With the upcoming change, only the owners of will receive the message triggered by their own site.

The changes will go live in the next three weeks. Gary Illyes hopes that the “change will lighten your email load, and make your life a little easier.”


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