Google Search Console Property Sets

Google Search Console is continuing to evolve right in front our eyes with some latest updates including it’s integration with Google Analytics and new voice over metrics. Now, one of the most asked for features from webmasters is now live. Google announced that “Property sets” within Google Search Console now allows you to group various sites together for reporting. In the past when looking at search analytics data, such as impressions, clicks & CTR, it was only available on a property-by-property basis.

Since each property had to be added separately such as, HTTP vs. HTTPS, WWW vs non-WWW or mobile sites and apps, all data had to be looked at separately.

Google Search Console Sets now allows you the ability to look at all your data from various properties within one singular report.

Google released a statement on the fact which included:

“Mobile app, mobile website, desktop website — how do you track their combined visibility in search? Until now, you’ve had to track all of these statistics separately. Search Console is introducing the concept of “property sets,” which let you combine multiple properties (both apps and sites) into a single group to monitor the overall clicks and impressions in search within a single report.”

To create sets within Google Search Console:

  • Create a property set – button located in top right of Google Search Console
  • Add your properties
  • Data will begin to collect with a couple of days

After the group set has been completed, it can be accessed in the overview section as a “property set”. For now, this data is only being grouped together in Search Console, but in the future it may be integrated with Google Analytics.

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