Google Search Console Launches New Speed Report

In a world surrounded by technology, speed kills. 10 years ago, the sheer fact your company had a website was a step in the right direction but now websites are bigger, better, and faster. If you want your company’s online presence to be successful, you need to make sure your website pages are loading as quickly as possible. Recently, Google Search Console released a new speed report that allows users to keep track of how fast their website pages are loading. This is a huge step for Google Search Console as it gives users the ability to not only see how fast their website is but also what the problems may be.

Google Search Console Speed Report

The “Speed” report will be located under the “Enhancements” section of Google Search Console. Its main goal is to help quickly find out which pages (URLs) may be experiencing slower than average load times. From there you can begin to diagnose what might be causing those pages to perform poorly.

What The Report Will Show

The report will show a chart with the date on the x-axis and the number of URLs your website contains on the y-axis. From there, your URLs will be broken down into three sections: slow, medium, and fast. You will be able to accurately tell which URLs are harming your site and which are running smoothly. Over time, it is important to keep track of which URLs are running slow and how they develop over time as you try to enhance them.

Why Do We Care

Like I mentioned before, speed kills. It’s in important ranking factor for Google as it tries to give users the best, and fastest, search experience possible. It also matters on a more personal level. You want your pages to be loading as fast as possible for potential customers. The last thing you want to happen is to potentially start losing business because you didn’t maintain your website. Lastly, adding the speed reports make Google Search Console an even more user-friendly place to help gather data on your website without having to go to a different platform to check page speed.

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