Google Search Console Has Updated Its Classification System

As part of its migration to an updated system, Google has finished categorizing pages, items, and issues in Search Console. At the top level of Google Search Console, URLs or items are no longer grouped by three or more status categories. Continue reading this blog post to discover more about GSC’s new item classification system.


Removing the URL Categories

URLs on GSC were previously classified with Valid, Warning, and Error labels in Search Console. In Search Console, you’ll see items classified as valid or invalid based on their status. An invalid item contains a report-specific critical issue, and a valid item contains no critical issues but may still contain warnings. The new valid and invalid identifiers have different implications depending on the report type. According to Google, each report is affected in different ways.


Changing the Meaning Behind the Three Status Categories

In Search Console, individual issues are still categorized as errors, warnings, or good. Instead of text labels, these classifications are now implied through color and icons. The following changes are rolling out to individual Search Console reports:

  • Page Indexing, or Coverage: Valid and Invalid pages with warnings are included in the Indexed status.
  • Not indexed issues have been grouped with Errors and Excluded issues.
  • There are two tables for Core Web Vitals now; one for pages that need improvement and one for those that are good.
  • There are now two categories for mobile usability: Not Usable and Usable.
  • In the AMP report, critical issues are shown in the first table, while non-critical issues are shown in the second table.
  • In the first table, you see rich results affected by critical issues, while in the second table, you see rich results unaffected by critical issues.
  • URL Inspections will now be broken down based on the following three categories:
    • The URL is on Google.
    • The URL is on Google but has issues.
    • The URL isn’t on Google.

To summarize these changes in GSC, nothing will be excluded from these reports. Ultimately, it is the way the data is classified that has changed in this update.


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