Google Search Console Experienced A Data Outage

You checked your reports and you noticed a little dip or a little bump in your charts. This might’ve been caused by happened last month with Google Search Console. It doesn’t happen very often but sometimes issues arise in Search Console that could affect your report data. Just last month, Google sent out alerts to site owners that most of the data from last month’s reports were affected by a data outage.

The data outage happened sometime between April 9-25 and, although the problem was fixed on April 26, no data was recovered. All the missing data from the time period of April 9 till the 25 was replaced with the data from April 26. This means that the data you have gathered last month is pretty much unreliable since that’s over half a month of bad data.

There is some good news, however. The data outage affected all of the reports except the Performance Report. You can still get a lot of valuable data from this report, but I wouldn’t trust the other reports. This information is important not only to site owners but also for clients. When preparing for your monthly client reports for April, make them aware of what happened with Google Search Console last month and how the data you’ve gathered from that platform may be unreliable right now.

Google has provided answers already as to what happened and what caused this data outage. In a recent Google Webmaster Central hangout, it mentioned that the missing data is caused by last month’s indexing bug. They later mentioned that the bug has already been fixed and will not be bugging anyone moving forward but reiterated that the missing data will forever be gone.

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