New Google Search Console Adds Security Issues Section

The switch from the old version of Google Search Console to the new version has prompted a lot of changes and additions to the platform. Google Search Console has many features to help you get the most out of your website, and ensures it is fully compliant with Google’s algorithms. One of the most recent additions that Google has announced is the section of the security issues on the new version. This section makes you aware of any security issues that Google has found on your site, including hacked URLs, malware, deceptive pages, and more.

What are the Security Issues

This new section can be found on the left-hand side menu, under the “Security and Manual Actions” tab. Some of these malware infections can include server configuration, SQL injection, Code injection, or Error template. Hacked type issues can also include code injection, content injection, and URL injection. Any of these issues can greatly compromise the security of your site.

Why It’s Important

Google has made it clear that security is a ranking factor for your site. Ensuring that your site is fully secure, not only with an SSL certificate, but now with this section in the new Google Search Console is critical. If you are notified that your site has any of these security issues, they should be resolved immediately. You can click on the issue to learn more information about what the issue means, and how it can be resolved. Once you’ve fixed the issues, request a review to make sure the harmful content is no longer on your site.

Boston Web Marketing can Help to Secure Your Site

An increasingly important part of your SEO is website security. In order to make your site fully secure, fixing these issues in Google Search Console is crucial. If you need assistance, the SEO experts at Boston Web Marketing can help. Fill out an online contact form or give us a call today at (857) 526-0096. 

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