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Google Search App Usage is Growing

comScore just released their 2015 US Mobile App Report which analyzes different aspects of mobile apps such as popularity, usage and location of mobile apps. One important statistic that we have drawn from this report is that Google Search is the 4th most popular app in terms of unique visitors. While much attention has been drawn towards the apps of Snapchat, Pinterest & Instagram, each of these falls far behind our friend Google Search.

Out of the top 25 most popular apps, Google search is the only search app on the list, and its 16% growth year over year is outpacing all fellow top 5 apps.

As well as being the 4th most popular app, it is also on almost 30% of phones home screens. Only Facebook has a higher percentage.

While Google Search is being used at a high rate, people aren’t staying on the app for an extended period of time. The actual time in which people are using it is only 1.5 percent of all the time spent on mobile apps.

This report just reiterates the impact and importance of having a mobile friendly website and good mobile rankings. People are keeping this app readily available and they are certainly using it. Keep all this information in mind when developing your SEO strategy. Mobile is the new wave!

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