Google Rolls Out New Menu Feature for Restaurant Listings

Google has begun rolling out a new tab on restaurant business listings displaying the menu. It appears when Google can detect menu listings on the restaurant website, replicated down to sections for various types of food and meals. This development was tested for a little over a month and was rolled out throughout the spring. This is proving to be a huge development for local SEO and the way restaurants attract customers.
Having the menu be easily accessible through the initial listing is a game changer for restaurants. The listing is the first thing people see when looking for somewhere to go, and having the menu be available on the first click could drive more traffic into your business. Instead of relying solely on select keywords to put your restaurant in front of potential customers, you can use your entire menu to target people looking for a specific type of meal. For example, if you run a restaurant known for a particular type of French fry, you can use your menu item to attract customers looking for fries directly around your business.
Restaurants are not the only businesses benefiting from this new feature. Hotels are now able to display rates for specific dates in their initial listings, along with comparable rates from booking sites like Expedia and Orbitz. Instead of having to go to each site individually to compare rates, potential customers can look at your Google listing to see who is offering the best price for compatible dates.
There are some drawbacks to this new feature. With so much information available upon a preliminary search, fewer potential customers may feel the need to go to your website for information about food, prices and location. Pictures are not available in Google’s menu listings, leaving appearance to the imagination and whatever description you may provide. Users should make sure their Google My Business accounts and menus on various listing sites contain several high-quality images of their food in order to provide visual examples for customers.

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