Google Rolling Out Hands Free Calling on Google Home

Google announced that they will be rolling out a feature that will allow users to make phone calls using their Google Home device. This roll out so far is only going to be available to those in the United States and Canada to start off before they make it a world wide feature. The device will now allow you to make phone calls to your contacts in your Google account as well as businesses you search via voice. Currently, this feature has been seen on the competitor’s Alexa device. However, the range for Google Home’s calling will be much broader and more useful than Amazon’s because it will a corresponding app to use. With Alexa, you can only make calls if the receiving party has their own app that allows them to receive those types of phone calls.
Google Home users will simple say “Hey Google, call…” and then their calls will be routed over WiFi to connect you to the interested party. The search engine giant also explained that premium rate and international phone numbers are currently not supported for hands free calling unless you link your Project Fi or Google Voice accunts to your Google Home device. In addition, calls currently made from Google Home will appear as “Unknown” or “No Caller ID,” however, by the end of the year they will have it so your number will be displayed when making a call.
In order to call a business from Google Home in search form, users will need to prompt the quest either by saying “Hey Google, call restaurant X” or by asking “Hey Google, call the closest Mexican restaurant.” Once the prompt is said, Google will identify the business it will be calling before making the call to make sure it is the right choice. This gives contact to local businesses an easier process as well as another outlet to contact local businesses.
What this means for local businesses is to make sure that their local listings and listings within Google My Business are claimed properly and are as accurate as possible. This new innovation with smart speakers is another step to increase leads, call and conversions of small businesses.

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