Google Reviews: Why They’re Important & How To Gain More

Word-of-mouth is one of the most powerful marketing methods to date. What customers say about your business through Google reviews is much more important to potential customers than what you have to say. This is why it is critical to have consistent and frequent positive reviews on your Google My Business page. Due to the importance of reviews for customers, Google has factored the reviews into its local ranking algorithm for businesses.


The Benefits of Google Reviews

A Google review is a quick process, but the benefits are ongoing. If you’re not emphasizing Google business reviews, now’s the time to change that and prioritize it. Here are some reasons why having Google reviews benefits your business. 

More reviews, more leads

88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Building up your reviews increases the likelihood of someone engaging with your business if they see it on Google.

More positive reviews, more purchases

Many consumers read reviews before making purchase decisions. The more Google customer reviews you have, the more likely a conversion will be made – whether that means requesting an appointment or purchasing a service.

Higher reviews, higher rank

As stated, Google has always rewarded businesses with frequent and positive reviews. They are an excellent SEO ranking factor, which is why it can be a critical way to get more customers through Google. 

How To Gain More Google Reviews

According to a Consumer Review Survey from 2021, 81% of customers based in the US said that they check Google reviews to decide between businesses. Here are some ways that you can gain more Google reviews on your Google My Business page.

1. Create a shortcut for current customers.

Your customer must go to Google to write the review, so making this process easy for them is best. When you visit your Google My Business account, visit the reviews section. You will find the Get More Reviews button if you already have reviews. If you are just starting, click the “Get your first review” button. Click “share review form” and copy the link to your clipboard – this can be shared via social media, newsletter, QR codes, etc. 

2. Add your Google reviews link as a button to your website.

If a customer wants to leave a review for your business, your website is the first place they will look. Using the above link, providing a clear and clutter-free call to action that is intuitively easy to find can be very beneficial. For example, adding a “Leave A Review” button in the header and footer of the page can be a great way to draw customers’ attention. 

3. Create a web page dedicated to reviews.

While the above method works, an even better one is to dedicate an entire website page to client reviews, with a section on leaving reviews on Google and other applicable platforms. The page should contain a CTA to write and include existing reviews. We recommend you add the testimonials in text form rather than a photo. Reviews are often keyword-rich, so including them on your website in a format that Google’s crawlers can “read” makes for a great SEO strategy.  


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