Google Reviews vs. Facebook Reviews

In the world of business and small business, especially, it matters what customers have to say about you. It can have a significant impact on your business, so you should care a lot about what they say and stay on top of your online reviews. The two places that people most commonly review businesses are Facebook and Google, followed by Yelp for some industries. Google is the top used search engine, and Facebook is the top used social media platform, so that’s where conversations are happening. Users tend to trust reviews from these sites more because they’re typically more trustworthy and transparent. The platforms are different, though, let’s explore the difference between the two.

Google Reviews

One of Google’s best things is that users can read and leave a review of your business simply by typing your company into the search bar. Plus, it’s easy to share the link to encourage customers to review your post-purchase or service. Another strength of Google is its ability to identify fake reviews, which is great because competitors will sometimes leave a poor review to gain an advantage online. Other review sites like Yelp are full of fake reviews in which the person writing the review never even interacted with the business they’re reviewing. Google will typically investigate any review that you ask them to and take it down if it’s illegitimate. Another strength of Google reviews is that they’re constantly adding features and integrations to pull in more information right onto the SERP. Of course, reviews impact your website’s SEO, so having strong synergy across Google is important. Google doesn’t penalize you for requesting reviews from your customers, and you can set the record straight on any negative review that you receive. The platform is easy to use and manages as well. 

Facebook Reviews

Let’s face it; social media has become integrated into the daily lives of many Americans. It’s where people go to see their friends, check out restaurants, and more. And Facebook is the most popular social media platform with the widest demographic of users. It’s easy for users to review businesses here because in 2020, most businesses have Facebook pages, and most people are on Facebook. Facebook also adds a level of trust if a potential customer sees that one of their friends has left a positive review for your business; they’re more likely to work with you in the future. 

Where Reviews Are Heading

Moving forward, Google is expected to overtake Facebook in terms of reviews. Facebook is still a viable place for reviews but has lost some traction in younger demographics. But with Google integrating reviews from Facebook, Yelp & more right onto the search results page, it’s your one-stop for reviews. Managing your business’ online reputation doesn’t have to be difficult.

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