Google Requires More Reviews For Seller Ratings

Google is raising the minimum for Seller Rating extensions to display in Adwords ads. No longer will businesses have to accumulate 30 reviews of their business, as they must now have at least 150 reviews in the past year. This update has not been finalized yet online, but when it does it will promote smaller businesses to gather more reviews for their business. The composite rating requirement of 3.5 stars is not changing, which requires a business to have 10 reviews to be in the user’s Google interface language to show.

Even though it is such a large feat to gather that many reviews, it will be beneficial as smaller businesses will have the option to add the Seller Rating extension to their ads. As with any rating system, it is one of the key variables that are taken into account when users are stuck choosing between companies, brands, items and more. Not only will reaching this minimum help make your Ad campaign stronger, your business will have endless amounts of reviews backing your products.

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