Google Removing Custom Date Range Filter from Search Tools

It was announced earlier today in a Google Search help forum, that Google has removed yet another search option filter from search tools. This time, the update has removed the custom date range filter from the mobile version of the search engine.

What Was the Custom Date Range Filter?

Previously, the custom search date range filter could be found under the search tools option. The searcher would then be able to select the custom range option that would have prompted the user to select a range of dates in which the user would like to generate their desired SERPs from. The filters that are left for mobile users under the “Any-Time” function include the past hour, past 24 hours, past week, past month, and past year options.

What Was the Reasoning for the Update?

The news was first brought to our attention by a community manager of Google who explained that they would “gradually unlaunch” the feature for all users in hopes that they can

“Create a better experience by focusing on more highly-utilized search features that work seamlessly across both mobile and desktop.”

We would like to emphasize that the custom date range option is still available on the desktop version of Google if one wishes to utilize this function.

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