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Google Releases Trial for Quick View Button, Sitelinks

Google continues to make improvements to its Mobile Search function for Smart Phone users. Today they announced a trial version for a new Mobile Search feature called “Quick View”. Quick View is still in a trial period and is only available for a select number of sites, like Wikipedia. This function will allow for users to view the page right away without having to load the entire web page. This may only be the difference of a few seconds, but when searching on the go and performing multiple searches, the seconds will surely add up. When performing the Google search and you click on “Quick View”, it will bring up a light version of what the page will look like and its content. Check out this example on a search for “Poker Hands”.

The questions remain, will this actually save time, and how much time? When loading the Quick View links, trials have shown that the link takes a mere 100 milliseconds to load. When loading the regular, full website articles, it can take 4-5 times longer to load the page. So yes, this new feature will save you time, running at roughly 4 times faster than loading standard pages.

Google also offers new expandable sitelinks when performing Mobile Searches. This will allow you to access the website’s more popular links right from the search results page instead of having to visit the actual site and find the link on your own. Again something that sounds small and minuscule, but think about how much time that can save you when search for specific info. Depending on cell phone reception, this could potentially save to 15-30 seconds of search time. That can add up quick.

The link to the right shows a search for Rotten Tomatoes. Search like this can be important when waiting in line at the movies waiting to decide on what to see, or even waiting at a Redbox when you can’t decide on a movie to rent. These quick links can bring you to the pages for “In Theaters” and “New DVD Releases” in seconds. With our tech crazed world getting faster and faster, these seconds saved will certainly add up.

Both the Sitelinks and Quick View features can only be found on limited searches for limited sites. However, Google announces that these features will be available for many more sites in the near future.


By Mike Fedotowsky

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