Google Releases Search Tools to Simplify the Voter Registration Process

With the United States presidential election coming up in November, Google is continuing its efforts to encourage people to vote. Google’s most recent update will provide information to users about how to register to vote in their respective state directly in organic search results.

The update went live on July 18, 2016, and can be prompted by typing “register to vote” in the search bar. Once entered, Google produces concise state-by-state information about how to vote, including the general requirements and specific voter registration guidelines.

This update is available on both web search and through the Google app.

This is not the only step Google is taking to keep voters informed during the 2016 election. In January, Google introduced a feature that provided users with real-time updates from presidential candidates during debates. In March, Google made it possible for people to track search trends and fundraising data about presidential candidates. Along with the voter registration search tools update, Google also announced plans to live stream the Democratic National Convention and Republican National Convention via YouTube.

Google is taking tremendous steps to increase the total number of voters in the upcoming election, and it is quite possible to see even more election-related features released as November approaches.

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