Google Releases New Bidding Strategy For Google Ads

Choosing the right bidding strategy for your Google Ads is a crucial element of building/maintaining any campaign, whether you are running ads for a local dental clinic or a large e-commerce store. The bidding strategy you choose determines how your campaign chooses when to display your ad, and is typically based on the goal of your campaign. For example, if you are a non-profit organization, you typically want to use an engagement campaign to increase your site’s exposure, whereas a website with a dedicated click-funnel strategy would use a maximum click or smart click campaign. There are several bidding options available, and just recently, a new one was released to the public.

Maximum Conversion Value

Released just yesterday, Google has released a new bidding strategy that is now available on its advertising platform. Officially announced back in May during Google’s GML Summit, maximum conversion value is a bidding strategy that aims to optimize for the greatest conversion value within your budgetary constraints. It is best to use when a campaign has been active for a period of time prior as opposed to starting with it right out of the gate, as it uses historical data from the past and the searcher’s contextual signals to determine the “optimal CPC bid” during the auction process.

How Will This Help?

This has several applications across the board for several different kinds of advertisers, as it will allow them to truly make the most of their budget without being held back by arbitrary measurements such as clicks and engagements, instead getting straight to the point of getting conversions while also taking into account the circumstantial limitations (or opportunities) presented by the budget you have. This is also ideal for those who have been struggling in the past to meet their daily budgets using other strategies like max conversions.

The Bigger Picture

This furthers Google’s overarching stride towards employing more AI-enhanced options to increase its ad platform’s effectiveness, as well as empowering advertisers with more options when it comes to settings and targeting. Maximum Conversion Value’s debut comes on the heels of the introduction of Responsive Search Ads and Dynamic Search Ads last year, and later on this year, Google plans to expand the options for bidding strategies, allowing advertisers to set them at the campaign level rather than just at an account level.

Needless to say, this is only the latest in the continuous evolution of online advertising, and to keep up with the constant changes can be confusing and exhausting. If you feel like you need some expert assistance when it comes to starting and running an online ad campaign for your company, our team of experts over at Boston Web Marketing can help. Our experienced team of PPC experts can make sure that your campaigns stay effective no matter what changes occur, and are well versed in Google, Bing & Facebook ads. We also handle other aspects of your online presence, including SEO, Social Media Management and website design. If you feel like you could benefit from our expertise, reach out to us at 857-526-0096, or fill out our online contact form. We’d love to work with you!

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