Google Releases New Anchor Banners to Optimize Mobile PPC

Google continues to roll out new optimization opportunities for pay-per-click (PPC) managers, with updates such as advanced paid search APIs, ad quality monitoring/auditing, and other ways to improve PPC content across search. However, new banner ad modifications may help PPC managers improve their mobile performance on apps for businesses.

Via the Keyword blogGoogle announced that they are releasing new banner types called adaptive anchor banners to help PPC publishers provide a sleek new banner ad in a mobile and app-friendly format. The ads automatically adjust their size in order to help ads fit properly onto multiple device screens with the best possible quality. Additionally, PPC managers don’t need to install extra coding in order to get certain banner ads to fit on websites.

Spencer Johnson, a Product Manager for Google AdMob, he explained that the new banner ads help to phase out the standard 350×50 px banner size for mobile devices. The new adaptive ads also help create a better sized ad for smart banners, since the smart banners that PPC users create can have height limitations. Per Johnson:

“Unlike other banner APIs on the market, adaptive anchor banners consider the device in use, the ad width you’re comfortable using, and the aspect ratios and performance of all available demand,” Johnson said. Adaptive anchor banners return creatives with the best height and aspect ratio for each device, with hard limits to prevent the wrong sizes from being served.”

PPC managers that incorporate adaptive mobile banner ads are expected to have several advantages over competitors. For example, adaptive banner ads are more likely to fit properly on multiple devices and will soon be available for placement within content. At the time of the announcement, Google explained that these ads are still in beta and can only be purchases for specific anchor placements like the bottom of the screen.

Should PPC Managers devote resources to new adaptive banners?

The new adaptive banners are still fairly early, so it may not mean that PPC managers should immediately consider building out a budget or strategy. However, Google recommends experimenting and contacting their support team for more information. These ads are also an ideal option if you have a business app or want to publish ads on mobile devices. Google AdMob is a major mobile monetization platform for app developers.

A lot of businesses that don’t have an app, or an app publishing strategy, may not get a significant ROI from these ads. However, mobile PPC and mobile engagement are cornerstones of any successful search marketing strategy. Adding another Google-approved solution into your search marketing toolkit could bolster your future SEM efforts.

If you have any additional questions about PPC, SEO, and search please don’t hesitate to contact our team! We can perform a website audit and provide early recommendations for a paid search strategy.

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