Google Releases Full Quality Search Rating Guideline

Google has officially released a full version of their search quality rater guidelines in the form of a 160-page handbook. These guidelines are used by Google’s evaluators who assess the quality of Google’s Search results, providing feedback on algorithmic changes and experiences. The ratings from evaluators do not necessarily determine individual site rankings but provides feedback to the quality of Google’s experiments. The Guidelines reflects what Google thinks search users would want.

This move by Google is not unprecedented. In 2013, Google published a human rating guideline to provide additional transparency to what webmasters should understand what they are looking for in a web page. Of course, the guidelines provided in 2013 does not translate now due to the recent trend of mobile searches making up a large portion of all search queries.

The new guideline is the first update of its kind since then, noting that all major changes to the guideline reflect directly with the growing number of mobile search queries on mobile devices. The downloadable version of Google’s Search Rating Guideline is not the final version, Google plans on updating the guidelines periodically.

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