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Google Refines Mobile Search Interface

If there has been one buzz word for Google over the past few months, it has to be “mobile.”  The search engine leader sent the SEO and web design industries into a frenzy when it announced that the mobile-friendliness of a website could directly impact search results. Commonly referred to as “Mobilegeddon”, the update did not even come close to living up to the hype. While some websites have seen their search results dip since April 21st (Mobile-friendly update rolled out), by and large, the update has not affected the volume of websites initially anticipated.

However, Google has not let up on its emphasis around mobile since “Mobilegeddon” rolled out. Last month, Google struck a deal with Twitter to begin indexing tweets in search results in real-time (only available on mobile currently). It also has been testing out more images in mobile search results, catering to searchers who rely on visuals to find what they are looking for.

Google has refined their mobile search experience yet again, this time re-working the way in which their search interface is laid out on mobile devices.  The screenshot below (Credit: shows some of the new changes. Google’s logo is now centered, and the user is afforded more space to type in their query.

While the update is small, it certainly reflects Google’s continued determination to make the mobile search experience as user-friendly as possible. The small changes are completely in line with its efforts to deliver information to users efficiently and seamlessly.


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