Google Recommends Video, High-Quality Images onto Google Web Stories

Google Web Stories is picking up momentum on the Google Discover platform as the search engine giant carefully explained to users that web-based storytelling content is the most successfully when integrated with high-quality video and images. Video and image content almost always performs better than other mediums, but experts at Google explain dynamic visual content can help new users create a better storytelling platform and more engaging content.

High-quality video and images can range from general footage to detailed infographics and interactive content as well. Product experts recommend using quizzes, polls, and animated transitions to keep your ideal target audience engaged. Ryan Warrender, a Product Partnerships Manager at Google Web Creators, opens the detailed guide on creating the most optimal visual storytelling content with examples of successful content types:

Since Google launched a new home for Web Stories on Discover, we have seen a diverse group of content creators using the format to tell engaging stories, everything from product reviews to a history of the U.S. postal service. Thanks to new and improved creation tools, it’s easier than ever to create a high-quality and interactive story.

Google Web Stories and Storytelling Viz Content

In a previous Boston Web Marketing blog, we explained that businesses have greater access to Google Web Stories platform where visual stories, like on popular social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat, are publishable through WordPress. Users can now leverage their website’s URL to publish content that is directly connected to Google Discover. The Google Discover has picked up enormous amounts of traffic and has eclipsed 800 million users in recent years. Now, businesses that want to potentially enhance their content creation can easily build unique and engaging visual content and just as easily share it across Google Discover, social media, and re-use it on their website.

Storytelling visualization has exploded in the last four years with social media platforms expanding their userbase through the development of short 20-30 second “stories.” These platforms are extremely similar but have contributed to greater engagement and user adoption. Major advertisers, content creators and influencers, and small to mid-size businesses have seen success on these platforms. The WordPress integration of Google Web Stories potentially sets up a highly productive digital marketing tool that can help create visual content and target a another major online platform.

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