Google Receives Patent Allowing Watching Habits to Affect Search Results

Google now uses many different factors in their algorithm to determine page rank. They take into account, geographic area, search history & much more. Google has just received a patent that will allow them to use people’s television watching habits to determine page rank.

This is how it would work. A person would make a search query while watching television. Then Google’s algorithm would determine if the television program that you are watching is related to the search query that was just submitted. A great example of how this would be used if someone was watching a cooking show about a certain style of cooking, French cooking for example. While they were watching they wanted to look up recipes, so they searched “cooking recipes” on google. A lot of French recipes might appear based on the cooking show they were just watching.

Although this is not an active part of the current Google algorithm, it is part of how Google Now works. Google Now is a personal assistant that pulls up information before you ask for it. This includes facts about television shows that you are currently watching as well as reminders about upcoming episodes. This is done through enabling Google listen to the television programs that you are watching so that it understands you’re watching habits. This is only allowed if you enable the program to.

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