Google Preventing Misleading Download Buttons

Back in February, we brought up a topic that announced Google was expanding their Safe Browsing protection by blocking online users from any websites that might contain deceptive download buttons. This will also block websites that have an image ad that falsely claims your system needs to be updated.

Google stated that they will block websites that contain ads that:

  • Pretend to act, or look and feel, like a trusted entity — like your own device or browser, or the website itself.
  • Try to trick you into doing something you’d only do for a trusted entity — like sharing a password or calling tech support.

This is what users will see if they try to enter a site with these deceptive buttons or images:

deceptive site ahead

If you are considered that this could affect your website and you know your users always see deceptive download buttons or false images, Google could give a warning to users when they arrive on your website. If your site is flagged for these buttons, you can fix the error in your Search Console and make sure these buttons don’t appear again.

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