Google is Rolling Out Analytics for Google Posts

After launching the feature last year, Google has announced that it will be rolling out analytic reporting for Google Posts, updates that display right on your Google My Business profile in the Knowledge Graph.

What Can You Do with Google Posts?

Do you have big company news or a running promotion you want your audience to know about? Add a Google Post to your listing! A Google post is a short blurb, ideally between 100-300 words, with a relevant image and link to your website. The link can fall under several categories, depending on the context of the post. If you are running a special deal, you can add a button for “Book,” “Sign Up” or “Get Offer” to build leads and capture conversions. Did someone in your company win an award or reach a new certification? The “Learn More” button can link to a blog or press release detailing the accomplishment.

What Tracking Information Will Be Available?

The new analytics will be able to show total views and clicks on each post, in the timeline you choose dating back one month. You’ll be able to compare the number of views and clicks from post to post. However, certain parameters will apply: percentages will not be viewable if your post went unseen, or if your views doubled. Currently, you are only able to see the total impressions of your post and any clicks users made to get to your website.

What Are the Benefits of Google Posts?

Google Posts are an easy and inexpensive way to drive leads and traffic to your website right from the search results. If your Google Post looks like it will help the user and answer their questions in some way, they will be more likely to interact with the content and view your site, making it all the more important to include calls-to-action on the landing page.

Another recent update that has come to Google Posts is the ability to add a “Call Now” button, allowing users to call your business directly from search results. After the call is completed, the user will be prompted to leave a starred review on your Google My Business listing. You will be able to view insights on the clicks on the “Call Now” button in the Posts panel in the back of your listing.

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