Google Podcast Search Now Available

Google has been a household name when it comes to search engines for quite some time. With just under 65% of the searches results in the United States happening on Google in comparison to just 14% on Bing and 16% on Yahoo, it’s safe to say that the Iron Throne of search belongs to Google. Each year, Google comes out with new ways to make its interface more user-friendly and it looks like they just did it again!

Google Search for Podcasts

As of this week, Google will be rolling out a new feature which will allow customers to play and search for podcasts directly on google. This comes after Google Podcasts founder and head of product Zack Reneau-Weeden tweeted out:
“Rolling out this week you’ll be able to search for and play podcasts directly in Google Search across Android, iOS, and desktop browsers, a step toward making audio a first-class citizen across Google.”

Deeper Podcast Search

Of course, you can already search for podcasts on Google but this functionality is taking that search to a much more personalized level. Not only can you search for titles and descriptions of podcasts but also audio that is within the podcast.

Podcast Markup

With this enhancement comes the need to put in more effort on the backend to make sure it gets found. Structured data is a huge resource that many companies used to help their videos, content, and images get found in the past and now the same is being done with podcasts. Podcast structured data allows you to make sure podcasts appear in Google searches as well as the individual episode descriptions and the ability to play them right from the menu.

So, What’s the Big Deal About Podcasts?

Podcasts have become a huge part of the virtual world we live in providing listens with a quick and efficient way to listen to the news, sports, documentaries, and more. The idea behind Google making podcasts a pivotal part of search is to take, “a step toward making audio a first-class citizen.” This will serve as a building block for future audio optimization and making audio more readily searchable.

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