Google Plus Tab for Facebook Pages

The Google Plus tab for your Facebook page is a great way to help use the large Facebook following to help build your Google Plus circle. This tab is by no means new, but is a great app to help increase your businesses presence on both Google Plus and search engines.  The Google Plus tab for your Facebook page is a simple, reliable app that displays your live Google plus feed on Facebook with link backs to your Google plus page!

We all know that having steady activity on your businesses social media pages is good for search results as search engines index your social media accounts. However, Google Plus is different when it comes to how it is indexed, unlike Facebook and Twitter where just a link to your page is index, Google indexes individual posts that you share on your Google Plus page!  To get your posts indexed here are a few things to do, make it public with enough unique content and share with people to help increase comments! Start building your circles and see how your search results change by checking here “posts by” for example, “boston web marketing”.

By Giovanna DaPrato


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