Google Places Upgrades Creating Duplicate Listing Issues

A couple of weeks ago, Boston Web Marketing updated you on some new changes that Google is making to their Google Maps / Google Places section. We recommended you login, make sure all your information is up –to-date and then save all of your changes, allowing Google to know you are still actively updating your account. It seems that despite those efforts, we are still running into some problems with Google Places listings. Many clients have forwarded me an email which reads like this:

It seems that the clients who were on an older type version of Google Places are running into this issue more frequently when Google automatically updated their listing to the newest platform. If you received this email, you should definitely log in to your Google Places account to fix the error. In fact, I would recommend that anyone who has a Google Place listing should take 5 minutes out of their day to log in, make sure your access still works, double check all of your information and save your changes. This 5 minute activity is very important to your business as having an optimized Google Places listing is paramount in getting found in local searches.

In some cases I noticed that if your old Google Places listing and Google+ pages were created using a different email addresses, Google is choosing one of those logins to supposed to new Google Places dashboard. From the 2 cases I’ve seen this happen, they choose the login information for your Google + page. It essentially absorbs your old Google Places listing and you can now edit both pages under the same login.

In any case, if you are running into any minor or major problems with Google Places that you are unable to fix yourself, reach out to Google via email, or something you can even get them on the phone. Here is some more helpful information from Google’s own Jane W. In both of my cases they have been extremely helpful in resolving the issue.

By Mike Fedotowsky

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